Texture 2 Flax Museum - TEXTURE

The history of the Flax museum begins in the 1960s. The flax industry was the most important economic activity in the south of West-Flanders. When this sector experienced a major crisis, Bert Dewilde realised that this local tale would be lost. That is why he started collection work tools. Together with enthusiastic volunteers and with the support of companies he worked on various educational exhibitions. In 1982 the National Flax museum opened for the general public.

Under the leadership of Lies Buyse, work has been carried out since 2009 on a thorough re-profiling of the museum and the relocating to a significant location.  This location was transferred into a flax distribution centre from 1912 in the centre of Kortrijk.  After being closed for two years, the museum reopened its doors in 2014 and was named TEXTURE, adding a new chapter to an already interesting story.  From now on young and old can discover valuable collections of flax and textiles in a modern museum building via a fresh story.


Noordstraat 28 - 8500 Kortrijk
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