Flax growing and scutching

The flax grown in Western Europe is recognised as being the best in the world. This excellence may be attributed to three beneficial factors: well-suited soil, a favourable climate and the savoir-faire of experienced flax growers whose prime concern is quality. Preparing the soil, selecting varieties, sowing and growing flax, monitoring the cultivation, pulling and retting, the aim of which is to encourage fibre extraction, all these different tasks are carried out with the same rigour and care.
Using traditional methods that have been handed down throughout the ages, yet ready to welcome scientific and industrial research, flax farmers have to this day always taken care to respect the environment.


The scutcher transforms the retted flax straw into fibre. During this process he removes the shives (broken parts of the stalk). He obtains scutched flax (long fibre) and tow (short fibre).

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