Belgian Linen™ Trademark

The Belgian Linen™ Trademark was created around 1960 by the Belgian Linen™ Association.
The purpose of the brand is to promote high quality linen produced by the Belgian Linen™ Weaving Industry.

The Belgian Linen™ Trademark is exclusively available for those fabrics/trimmings which are woven in Belgium and which are made of at least 85% in weight of natural vegetable flax fibres of EU-origin. These products have to pass severe quality tests. The Belgian Linen™ Trademark is protected by international trademark registration.

The Belgian weavers are now offering the possibility to their customers to obtain a license for using the Belgian Linen™ label and can supply a certificate of origin with the fabrics they supply. This is a guarantee that the fabrics you are buying really have been made in Belgium and have passed severe quality tests.